Support the Oratory & the Education of Priests

Support the Oratory & the Education of Priests

Every Oratory is an autonomous institution. It must cover the costs of its apostolic works, housing, feeding its community, maintaining its facilities and, importantly, educating new priests. An Oratory relies on contributions made by the priests and brothers themselves, as well as donations from friends and benefactors. While prayer is the main assistance that we ask, we are extremely grateful for the necessary material and financial donations from the wider community. The Oratorians remember the friends and benefactors of the Oratory at regular Masses and pray for them at their evening prayers.

To find out more about supporting the Oratory, please contact The Provost:

What is the Oratory Education Fund?

The Oratory Education Fund was created to meet the financial costs of educating new priests and furthering the studies of existing ones. No outside funding exists for this purpose so it must be covered by the Oratory itself, through donations and fundraising. The Friends of the Oratory Draw is a monthly fundraising project supported by the laity, the proceeds of which go exclusively to the Education Fund. Membership is through an annual subscription that is renewed in August every year.

To become a Friend of the Oratory through the monthly fundraiser, please contact St Bernadette’s Parish office, or use the banking details below for once-off donations.

Education Fund Banking Details

To make a donation to St Philip Neri Collegium or St Anne’s Pre-Primary school, contact The Provost:

Become a benefactor by remembering the Oratory in your will