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COVID-19: Church Re-opening

With the exception of funerals, attendance at daily Masses remains not possible until Bishop Vincent decides doors may open. Until then, Holy Mass should be followed on our YouTube channel.

While we long to receive the Lord sacramentally, and be together again, let us continue to ask the Lord what lessons He desires us to learn during this lockdown. Could it be that we need to reflect again upon what it means to be a Christian as a family and at home? The Fathers of the Second Vatican Council described the family as the “little church”. What might this mean for your family?

A unique element of an Oratory is that it is meant to function as a nuclear family. As Oratorians, we try to live between the altar and the dining room table. Yes, that’s right: the altar within our chapel is the privileged place of encounter with God we share as a family; and the dining room table, a sort of “altar”, is another privileged encounter with God we share as a family.

So many families have reported that, within the hardships of this lockdown, they have felt blessed to spend more time together, to pray and eat together, even to play together. As the economic lockdown eases, what aspects of your adjusted family routine do you need to preserve? Do you need to discuss with one another how to live between a place of common prayer within your home and the common table at which you take your meals?

These two “altars” remain privileged places of encounter from which the Lord wishes to nourish the seed of faith within each of us.

May God bless you and your family, and our family the church. 

Yours in Christ